Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latest From Robin Sharma

Just bought the latest book written by one of my favourite gurus; Robin Sharma. The the title of the book is “The Leader Who Had No Title”. Found this book while busy pacifying my soul due to my recent “Loss”. Thank God for giving me some lights while me having such as a down moment.

Flipping through the pages..and I know it is a great book . Less than 48 hours, I had reached page 52 (out of 198). Very very interesting book. You should read it . Unlike his previous two great books; Greatness Guide 1 and 2, this latest book was written in a story format. Excellent. The price is only RM57.50.

Some of the great quotes from the first 4 chapters:

“ You do not have to have a title to be a leader”.

“ Leaders are those individuals who do the things that failures are not willing to do – even though they might not like doing them either”.

“ Leadership is not only something to do at work. We need to practice leadership within every arena we play”.

Go buy and read this book.

Written by MiePekan who Lives To Inspire

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